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Our system is based on sound principles of biomechanical science.  Our exercise design is unique in that we use strategies that force you to use the appropriate muscles to stabilize and drive the exercise motion.  With this approach, we re-establish proper muscle dominance for both stability and movement.

Our independent sessions deliver one on one guidance addressing anything from the most efficient ways to reach your fitness goals to an exercise plan that will address  common joint or back pain issues while you get fit.  Our system is applied to injury prevention, personal training all the way to the most elite athletic performance  enhancement.  

Come see us for your free session and let us help you organize a training plan best suited to meet your goals.


Core Strength with the benefit of eliminating back pain!

Back pain has been a huge plague on our society for a very long time.  Most people are tired of hearing every different theory or opinion that comes along about back pain.  Fundamental reasons for back pain are now clear.  Armed with new biomechanical science, we now understand the driving forces behind the development of almost all types of back pain, regardless of your condition.  We understand why some get better with Pilates and some don't.  Some will respond positively to any one form of treatment and some will not.  Our patented program is a completely innovative approach to core strength and back health and is grounded in biomechanical science,  but mostly, it makes perfect common sense.  Let us show you how to liberate yourself from back pain and create a stronger core than you ever imagined!


Which program is best for you?

We offer one on one training for all fitness levels, small group training, online coaching or follow one of our pre-designed workouts.  We offer classes that deliver challenging workouts with proper biomechanical movement patterns designed to keep you pain free and results focused.  Think Boot Camps, to Barre to Yoga, all with a subtle twist on each that create tremendous stability throughout your body and make each movement safe for you.  Get fit and don't break yourself down - get stronger instead!  

Come in and see us or call or email and set up your free session today!  Let us help show you how to get everything you want out of your workouts and so much more!