How Genes Influence Our Jeans

The reason that certain people and cultures tend to thrive better on some diets than others, can be blamed on our grandparents and their grandparents. Our lineage has developed by being exposed to certain environmental factors and eating specific foods over a long period of time. Because of the long exposure to the same conditions, we adapted to better cope within our environment. In today’s multicultural society, food has a more complex effect on our bodies because of the great variability of influences we are exposed to. Why is it that some people, despite their best efforts to lose weight, cannot do so? Why is it that some families experience the same illnesses from one generation to the next? The answer lies in our genetic makeup and how that genetic makeup controls our metabolism. Undesirable patterns in health can be broken by better understanding the factors that make us different from each other.

A Goldilocks Diet Made Just for You

Just like in the story of Goldilocks, we all need our own personalized type of food that best suits us, not too hot, not too cold, but just right.  What if we were to choose our food not by just how it tastes, or by its ease of preparation, or even by its cost at the grocery store, but by the way it affects our cells and its ability to resolve or prevent chronic illness? And what if every person, because we all have a unique set of DNA genes, has a different diet that would best fit them at this moment in their lives? What we would be talking about is a personalized eating plan that is compiled by a computerized program that looks at hundreds of traits that make us different from one another. 

This program actually exists! It can be infinitely adjusted to suit each person for their individual needs to best optimize their overall health, maximize weight loss, and boost energy levels. Interested yet? Keep on reading about the SWAMI program!

The SWAMI program was created by the renowned Dr. Peter D’Adamo (author of Eat Right for your Blood Type) who was been working with advanced dietary modification for over 30 years. This revolutionary program uses a combination of important genetic markers, blood type, body measurements, health risks, allergies, and laboratory results. At your appointment with your qualified naturopathic doctor, your health history and personalized information will be entered into the SWAMI program.  Over 12,000,000 calculations are computed to create an eating plan, using over 800 different foods, to generate over 1000 delicious recipes. 

In the span of an office visit, a diet can be created and presented as a printed manual or convenient computer file. There is even a quick access phone app that makes shopping for your items simple. As your health improves or new issues arise, the diet can easily be customized to meet these new situations.

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